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“ Welcome to the Korea Mount Olive Online
International School ”

Mount Olive
High School
Kevin R. Stansberry Principal
  • James E Kramer, Vice Principal, Grades 9, 12
  • Donald D. Woodring, Vice Principal, Grades 10, 11
  • Robert Feltrnann, Vice Principal of Pupil Services
  • David P. Falleni, Director of Athletics
  • Telephone Number ( 973) 927-2208
  • Fax Number (973) 927-2204
  • Dr. Robert Zywicki, Superintendent of Schools
						Dear Parents and Student:
						My name is Kevin R. Stansberry, the principal of Mount Olive High School for the 
						past 19 years, and I proudly introduce K.M.O.I.S(Korea Mount Olive Online 
						International School).
						K.M.O.I.S. embodies the most important principles of Mount Olive High School. 
						The core of the program is focused on academic excellence, combining 
						classroom lessons and hands-on experiences. Students of the program will 
						have access to all of Mount Olive's vast resources including our 
						world-class robotics lab, preeminent innovation lab, industry-standard television 
						production studio, and more. But K.M.O.I.S. American Curriculum Program is so 
						much more than an academic program. The program is designed to build 
						our students' character and broaden their view of the world.
						In addition to gaining an unparalleled educational experience, the K.M.O.I.S. 
						American Curriculum Program will help students learn the value of having an 
						open-mind, of working together with different people, and of thinking outside 
						the box.
						I am certain the students who attend the Korea Mount Olive International School
						will be changed forever. Mount Olive High School and K.M.O.I.S. have creatd a 
						special relationshop working together to give international students this amazing
						I sincerely hope to see you in the future so that together, we can create a better
						society through education, respect, and collaboration.
Kevin R. Stansberry

미국 Mount Olive 학교 교장선생님 환영사


상담 가능시간       오전 10:00 ~ 오후 18:00

*문의량이 많은 경우 상담이 지연될 수 있습니다.

*상담희망시간은 원하는 시간에 상담받고 싶으실 경우에만 입력해주세요. 비워두시면 가능한 빠른 시일내에 연락드리겠습니다.

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